Water Lily

Turquoise Water Lily Shoe

Delicate tendrils in textured leathers twist around the shoe, heel and ankle in this new version of my 1978 black and pink Water Lily shoe (see archive).
A rhinestone buckle and facetted beaded stamens in the flowers add sparkle.

Blue Palm Tree

Blue Palm Tree Shoe

This high heeled platform sandal in electric blue lizard print leather is a remake of my 1979 gold Palm Tree shoe (see archive). The palm leaves are reinforced with fine wire to maintain the open spread of the palm leaves. Blue facetted beads are hand sewn into the leaves to create the effect of dangling date clusters. A rhinestone buckle glitters as it catches the light.

Peep Toe Water Lily

Peep Toe Water Lily Shoe

This is a development of my water lily theme as a closed back, peep toe shoe. Intricate appliqué work makes for a very pretty, feminine and elegant shoe. Facetted beaded stamens amongst the petals add a touch of sparkle and glamour.